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OutBack’s pre-wired power and pre-assembled systems take the idea of fast, easy installation to a new level of performance, value and flexibility. Everything required, outside of power sources and battery backup, is factory pre-assembled onto a single factory tested, pre-wired panel. Requires just installing the mounting bracket, hang the system on a wall, install make the required connections, and you will find the system is fully working and operational.

  • The FLEXpower ONE System is ideal for smaller power applications – including cabins, chalets, homes, remote communication sites and backup power systems – and accommodates all essential protective devices in a cost-effective manner with the smallest possible footprint.
  • The FLEXpower TWO System is ideal for applications with medium-sized power requirements such as larger homes and light commercial or backup power systems. With its compact design and easy-to-install mounting system, FLEXpower TWO can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical orientation to allow installation in more space-limited locations.
  • The FLEXpower THREE System is designed for 120/208VAC 60Hz three phase applications with medium sized power requirements, such as light commercial or larger backup power systems. FLEXpower THREE systems are offered in 9kW and 10.8kW configurations.
  • The FLEXpower FOUR System is ideal for 120/240VAC split-phase applications with larger sized power requirements, such as large residential, commercial, or village power systems. FLEXpower FOUR systems are offered in 12kW and 14.4kW and can be combined with other FLEXpower systems for up to a total of 36kVA.
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