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Pure sine-wave technology The appliances and electronics in a home or business need a clean, undistorted AC sine wave signal to operate properly. OutBack inverters use proprietary digital switching technology coupled to the custom, low-loss/high-efficiency transformer to deliver sine-wave AC power that’s actually cleaner than the electricity many utility companies can generate.

The Radian series GS7048E& GS3548E of Grid/Hybrid™ (full-flexibility grid-interactive/off-grid) inverter/chargers are engineered toward one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications. Based on OutBack’s proven technology foundation, the Radian series simplifies the configuration, distribution, and implementation of energy storage through a standardized approach when integrated with an OutBack GS Load center, making it easier than ever to provide successful solutions for virtually any residential, commercial or institutional power requirement. The 230V 50Hz Radian reflects OutBack’s on-going commitment to clean, reliable power for homes, businesses and other facilities around the world, delivering 7,000 & 3,500 Watts.

Radian™, Series GS7048E & GS3548E Inverter/Chargers

The Radian series’ modular system architecture and simplified parallel design supports system scaling of up to ten inverters delivering 80kW (GS8048). The 50Hz GS7048E can support three-phase systems up to 21kW and multiple inverter arrays of up to 70kW. System integration and programming is easy with OutBack’s powerful MATE3 Control and HUB Communications Management devices. Advanced front-vented layout provides optimum cooling in zero-clearance installations (where units are stacked next to each other, for example). Field-serviceable design simplifies maintenance if needed, and firmware updates can be easily made in the field without specialized equipment.

Radian Series GS Load Center – GSLC

FX/VFX Off-Grid True Sinewave Sealed & Vented Inverter/Chargers

The GSLC is a balance-of-systems enclosure designed to seamlessly integrate with the Radian Series inverter/chargers, FLEXmax Charge Controllers, and OutBack HUB Communications Manager. Three available models allow quick and easy installation of power systems of any size. Additional features of the GSLC line include its powder-coated galvanized chassis, ample knockout locations fitting 1/2” to 2” conduit, aesthetic stainless steel door and simple mounting to a Radian Series inverter/charger. It is listed to UL1741 and CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-01, is Type 1 indoor rated (IP30) and can also be used on its own as a separate breaker enclosure for use with other inverter models.

The FX Series Inverter/Charger is a pure sine wave inverter in modular form, capable of producing cleaner, more reliable electricity than what’s available from typical electrical grids—and adaptable to nearly any system configuration through a building-block design. This product can be optimized for a variety of applications including off-grid, grid-interactive, mobile and low power applications.

On-board intelligence

An OutBack inverter can sense power outages, surges, or anything else affecting your service—and takes immediate steps to provide a back-up (including starting a generator). It even has a standby/sleep mode to conserve power, waking up when your lights or appliances require power, for example. An OutBack inverter can protect itself from potential faults including an AC short and low/high battery voltage. OutBack inverters have superior surge capabilities and smarter battery charging algorithms—and almost all settings are user-adjustable for complete application customization.



Radian Series GS8048A/GS4048A
Radian Series GS7048E/GS3548E
Radian Series GS8048
GS Load Centers



Sealed FX2012T (60Hz)
Sealed FX2524T (60Hz)
Sealed FX3048T (60Hz)
Vented VFX2812 (60Hz)
Vented VFX3524 (60Hz)
Vented VFX3648 (60Hz)
Sealed FX2012ET (50Hz)



Sealed FX2012MT (60Hz)
Sealed FX2524MT (60Hz)
Sealed FX2532MT (60Hz)
Vented VFX2812M (60Hz)
Vented VFX3524M (60Hz)
Vented VFX3232M (60Hz)
Sealed FX2612EMT (50Hz)

Special Application Models


Sealed GFX1312 (60Hz)
Sealed GFX1424 (60Hz)
Sealed GFX1548 (60Hz)
Sealed GFX1312E (50Hz)
Sealed GFX1424E (50Hz)
Sealed GFX1448E (50Hz)
OBXIC2024S (60Hz)

Grid / Hybrid


Radian Series GS8048 (60Hz)
Radian Series GS7048E (50Hz)
Sealed GTFX2524 (60Hz)
Sealed GTFX3048 (60Hz)
Vented GVFX3648 (60Hz)
Vented GVFX3524 (60Hz)
Sealed GTFX2024E (50Hz)

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