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Now you don’t need to buy new solar inverter you can convert present ordinary inverter to Solar Inverter by using solar charger cum Prioritizer. When there is enough solar for Load then there will be no Power drawn from grid and Solar will charge the Battery. In case of Cloudy weather or Night it will go to the charging from Grid Automatically to charge the battery.

To operate in manual mode, double click MANUAL button. The battery level indication will FLASH in manual mode. In manual mode, the battery will be charged by Solar power, but will not disconnect the mains input to the UPS. In manual mode, to change the UPS from Mains to Battery or Battery to Mains, Press Manual button once. To change back to AUTO mode, double click the MANUAL button again. The Battery again. The Battery level indication will be STEADY in AUTO mode.

Convert UPS to Solar UPS

Technical Specs and Wiring Diagram:


 Parameter  Value (SP-1830-P/SP-2830-P)
 Max Solar Panel VOC, Volts  21 (12V Battery) / 42 (24V Battery)
 No of Cells  36/72
 Type of Panel  Mono or Polly Crystalline
 Max Panel Capacity  500W/1000W (30 Amps Isc)
 Converter Type  Zero Drop PWM Control
 Control  16 Bit Digital
 Relay Rating  32A
 Termination  30Amps DC (6 sq mm Wire)
 PANEL OK LED  RED: Solar Charging OFF
 GREEN: Solar Charging ON
 SOLAR MODE LED  RED: UPS in ac Mains Mode
 GREEN: UPS in Solar Mode (Battery)

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