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  • Charges a 12V or 24V battery from a 12V panel with automatic 12V / 24V battery voltage detection.
  • Can charge upwards: A .12V. panel can charge through the SOL-1 a 24V battery
  • Suitable for up to 100Wp solar panels, the max charge current is up to 6A
  • Built in online MPP – tracking
  • Built-in polarity tester simplifies commissioning
  • In 24V battery operation mode a street light function is pre-programmed
  • Versions for Li-ion batteries available
  • Pluggable connections for battery, solar panel and load out (24V)

Energy anywhere:

  • Agriculture
  • Garden House electrification
  • Leisure, Camping & Outdoor
  • Garage power supplies
  • Security technology
  • Golf Caddies and more

Solar Charge Controller SOL-1 in brief:

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charger for 12V and 24V systems
  • Up and down conversion in a single device
  • High efficiency and up to 35% more output from solar panels and cost optimization

Installation and commissioning:

  • The flange and the built-in polarity tester simplify the installation – only a screwdriver is required, no instruments.
  • A LED indicates during commissioning the correct polarity of the battery and the solar panel and in running operation by flickering the LED indicates the MPP tracking function or being continuously on a full battery.

SOL–1 Specifications:

Solar Panel 12V e.g about 16.8 VMPP and maximum 10 Wp
Charging Current maximum 6A
 Battery Voltage  12V or 24V, wet, gel or AGM (Lilon on request)
 Dimensions  125x80x50 mm
 Weight  ca 300 g
Scope of Suppy: battery charger with built-SOL-1 MPP tracking, manual

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